About The Third Act

Our reason why

Under-served customer needs, unnecessarily complex products, high and hidden fees, and deliberately complex processes open up for new client propositions. One crucial factor is being able to break through a forest of similar but also complex propositions and communication. As a new player demands are made on both clarity and credibility, based on one purpose – our reason why, what we offer and what makes us unique.

For a game changer in a rigid industry with cemented structures the direction of change becomes very clear. The macro trends on openness, transparency and new regulatory and technical environment will make this happen. Now or in the near future. The ball is already rolling and The Third Act wants to lead this change.

Our mission

Pension is considered one of the biggest social and economic factors in the 21st century according to the OECD. Traditional retirement schemes are under strain as life expectancies continue to increase far beyond what they were designed to pay for. Countries net replacement rate measures how effectively a pension system provides a retirement income to replace earnings is reduced and expected to reach 36% of labor force income preretirement year 2060 in the EU. Sweden is currently below the average for EU28 and OECD.

The structural changes started 20 years ago. When states and insurance companies leave guarantees for pension  individuals are taking more responsibility and risk to achieve adequate incomes in retirement.

We help people secure their Life After Work through active decisions supported by a digital Pension Advisory Service and a Pension Product that manages risk in pension postretirement.

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