Our solution


We offer digital pension advice that guides you to create your financial plan towards a set goal. The service is adapted to where you are in the different phases of life – Saving – Planning – Withdrawal phase.

We have developed mathematical models and algorithms that together with your preferences and needs will optimize your pension plan given your current pension savings. You will receive an individual advice on how to achieve your plan. We will continuously monitor your pension plan and, if necessary, propose changes if you deviate from your goal.

The service is offered via mobile application and web. The digital customer journey considers your driving forces and external triggers that help you understand and take control. The design is interactive with responsive simulations and calculations.

Savings phase

The industry serves individuals in the phase when building up savings, searching for suitable investment products. The “advisors” you meet will often propose their expensive in-house products and are actually just salespeople in disguise. What you need is to create a reliable pension plan and maximize your saving without paying high fees. You will need to be aware of exogeneous factors that could impact you plan, like unemployment and long-term sick leave, and what you can do about them.

Planning for retirement

Over time your pension assets will increase as well as your need for advice. Your economy is becoming increasingly complex and the risk in future pension income is increasingly exposed to market fluctuations. Planning for the financial future becomes crucial and focus must shift to capture your total economy and your ability to manage risks in future pension income. This phase of life requires the right advice.

Pension withdrawal

At a given time, unique to each person, you must decide how income should be disposed, what risk you can manage in pension income and how family members are affected. The need for advice continues even more individualized.

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Our beta service is under construction. If you want to get pre-launch access contact us.