Press release: The Third Act enhances digital pension advice

We are now launching additional value in advising you on pensions.


Withdrawal planning in connection with advising pre-retirement is a pioneering service offered to individuals from the age of fifty-five.

The service helps the individual to achieve financial goals at retirement, prepare pension withdrawal and follow up on a desired plan. It removes complexity when planning for retirement and allows to tailor the total pension income for different time periods to get advice on changes needed for each insurance policy.

The individual specifies the desired target pension in SEK per month for different withdrawal periods. Withdrawal planning also considers the need for survivor protection for different periods and illustrates the impact on pension income.

The Third Acts calculations optimize a pay-out plan and adjust annuity periods for all insurance policies to achieve the desired target pension and survivor protection. The number of decisions an individual must make is reduced to a minimum with this service. The advice is given in its entirety, i.e., including all insurance policies, which are then presented in a plan with the required adjustments needed for each insurance contract to achieve the desired plan. The plan is continuously monitored and adjusted, considering the development of the pension assets.

The service is offered in The Third Acts mobile application downloadable for Android on Google Play and for iOS on App Store.

We describe the underserved need for planning before retirement and the latest developments in our blog, read more here:




The Third Act is a platform for digital pension advising that transfers power and control over the pension to the individual through increased knowledge, clear advice, and transparency. We offer the missing link in advice to employees and private individuals in a pension system where the responsibility has been transferred from the state and the employer to the individual.

Our proposition: Simply the smartest way to control your pension today. To live life after work your way.

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