The under-served customer needs

Industry focuses on savings phase

The industry serves individuals in the phase when building up savings, searching for suitable investment products. Often these are the advisor’s in-house products, a source for their earnings. The majority of the advisors cannot present themselves as independent. In this phase of savings the need for pension advise is not crucial.

The entire industry focus here


Preparing for retirement is underserved

As the individual builds up their savings the need for advise increases. The individual’s economy is becoming increasingly complex with the number of pension insurance policies and the risk in future pension income is exposed to market fluctuations. Planning for Life After Work becomes crucial and focus must shift to capture the whole, the individual’s total economy and the ability to manage risks in future pension income. This phase of life requires the right advice.

VERY limited focus here


Pension withdrawal is ignored

At a given time, unique to each person, the individual must decide how income Life After Work should be disposed , what risk one can manage in pension income and how relatives are affected. The need for advice continues Life After Work but unfortunately the individual lacks relevant support.

TOTALLY ignored


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