The Third Act Brand Manifest

For many reasons, our welfare structures in general, and the pension system in particular, have not really been in the swing in recent years. That’s why The Third Act now enters the stage we call the theater of life. The first act involves growing up and learning to live. The middle act is about becoming an adult, making money and maybe raising a family. And when the third act begins, we want you to be able to choose what you want to do.

But to experience a grand finale, we need to secure our financial future. Some want to work until the fat lady sings, while others appreciate the pause more than the dance. We are all different, but still the same. But one thing is certain: money is needed to increase all the hours, days and years that remain of the comedy drama we call life.

We have never lived longer or felt better than now. Digital technology has created endless opportunities for innovative solutions that brighten our future. The Third Act is one such initiative. We start by setting a new standard for working with pensions – the very foundation of building tomorrow’s opportunities. We who support The Third Act believe that you deserve something safer, simpler and smarter to have the opportunity to realize your future. We do not think the industry has taken its responsibility to give everyone the same opportunity to succeed with their financial planning.

We think it is obvious that you should play the lead role in your own future. And also, happy to stand for script and direction. For you to succeed, we are now launching a new proposition for pension advice. With simple, clear advice we can help you lower your fees by thousands of euros.

Thanks to our world-unique algorithm, we can for the first time offer impartial, digital advice focusing on individual and the bigger picture at a fixed cost. No Potemkin backdrop exists with us in the form of hidden fees or unclear kickbacks that drain the pension capital. We do not have our own funds or other financial products to sell but recommend what is best for you. Nowhere else do you get a better overview and insight into future outcomes per month.

The light in the salon goes out. The curtain goes up. It’s starting now.

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